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Just 60 miles north of the Mexico-U.S. border, the metropolitan area of Tuscon, Arizona is home to just under 1 million residents. And, located just outside of
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, south of downtown, is also the city’s newest materials recovery facility, ReCommunisingle stream recycling conveyors ty Tucson.

The 60,000-square-foot MRF handles mostly single-stream collected recyclable materials from the region’s residents and multi-stream recyclables from area businesses. The facility was built to service ReCommunity’s service partner, the City

of Tucson, in a very quick construction cycle – just 200 days from groundbreaking to processing materials.

The MRF was designed, manufactured and installed by the CP Group, and features three-deck scalping screen, a three-deck OCC screen, a thre-edeck glass breaker screen, a glass clean-up system, an Eddy Current Separator, as well as conveyors and platforms engineered and produced by CP Manufacturing. It also has an MSS optical sorter and a two-ram baler supplied by IPS Balers.

The system was designed by CP with the flexibility to grow in the future, such as the addition of another optical sortation device or another baler. The MRF also i ncludes a brand-new education center to promote recycling education and elevate community engagement. According to ReCommunity Tucson, the company is “constantly working to upgrade the facility and expand the list of acceptable items so we can divert more material from the landfill, and enable our community partner to generate more revenue and create more jobs.”

ReCommunity Tucson has approximately 30 “team members” working one shift, five days per week.

Technical Specifications:

IPS two ram baler

Tucson, Arizona

Start-up date:
July 2012
Number of processing lines:
25 tons per hour
Tons of material expected to
be processed in 2013:
Over 50,000 tons
Residue rate:
17 percent


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