Bag OpenerBagged MSW or other material is separated by a set of sizing grizzly arms that allow 8” or smaller material to bypass the drum and fall to a transfer conveyor. The bagged material is then opened by the steel knives affixed to the rotating drum. Material is separated from the bag by a series of crowder arms, and then discharged to a single conveyor below. Both the grizzly and crowder arms rest against adjustable force air springs to allow the arm to rotate away from the drum in the event of a solid or resistive object. This minimizes wear and maintenance. Adjustments to the CP MSW Bag Opener can be made via touch screen– slope/angle, air system pressure, or bypass– allowing the operator to maximize system efficiency based on the material being fed. Two main access doors located on each side, featuring a lock system, allow quick maintenance reducing downtime.
Features & Benefits:

  • Up to 30 TPH
  • Air spring system to allow passage of resistive objects
  • Grizzly arms allow smaller items to by-pass drum
  • Two doors to allow easy maintenance access
  • Steel drum knives can be repositioned 4 times before replacing
  • Crowder arms have a straight and curved profile and may be adjusted via Touch Screen
  • 20HP motor

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