Recycling EquipmentKrause Manufacturing, a division of the CP Group, engineers, manufactures and installs the industry’s most durable construction and demolition (C&D) recovery systems.

Trommel Screens

Krause Trommel Screens

The Krause Trommel Screen is positioned at the beginning of the equipment line, replacing the need for multiple pieces of equipment. All our trommel screens are engineered with simple, energy efficient design that utilizes gravity and centrifugal force to reduce maintenance and separate different material sizes from the waste stream.

Krause Disc Screens

Krause Disc Screens

With the latest application of state-of-the-art disc screen technology, we have developed the ultimate C&D recycling efficiency. Our heavy-duty disc screens are field-proven to provide the highest throughput, reduced labor costs, super-low maintenance, increased diversion rates––and deliver the highest quality end products. Rugged, dependable and long-lasting, our heavy duty disc screens will deliver maximum return on your investment, year after year.

Super Portable Conveyor

The Krause Super Portable

The Krause Super Portable Conveyor & Systems provides labor-saving efficiency, high productivity, and the highest landfill diversion rate—up to 75%. With the various options available, the Super Portable becomes a versatile modular sorting system that can be customized to meet your specific needs. The basic unit consists of a two-belt, variable-speed, in-feed system which helps meter the material onto the variable-speed sort line with has an 11’ clearance underneath. We offer the industry’s largest and most durable portable C&D sorting conveyor. The Super Portable Conveyor sets up easily on almost any surface, requires no pre-installation investment, & can handle 30-40 tons per hour of the most rigid C&D material.

Stationary C&D Systems

Krause Stationary C&D Systems

Our stationary C&D systems are the highest quality and most durable equipment on the market. The systems are heavy-duty and built to last. Krause works closely with you to custom design systems engineered specifically your unique material mix. No matter how rugged the material, we can build a system that will last through the decades.

Krause Rocket Wet Separator

The Krause Rocket™

Our Rocket™ Wet Separator automatically separates the large quantities of rock and wood typically found in C&D debris. Materials are fed into a horizontal drum, which is partially filled with water. The rotating cylinder sends the high-density materials such as rocks and gravel onto a paddle system, which moves it above the waterline and expels it out of the drum. High velocity jets positioned within the drum, and facing the infeed end, shoot water creating a river that washes the wood and other floating debris back out the in-feed end of the drum. A water reclamation system collects and stores the water for reuse, limiting the need for disposal and decreasing costs.


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The McMRF is our affordable small single stream sort system, designed to process and recover materials at about 10TPH for smaller communities.



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