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We deliver the most powerful front-end MSW sort systems to produce feedstock for various types of renewable energy. Our equipment is designed for durability and ruggedness for this type of demanding application, field-proven to provide maximum throughput, recovery rates and end-product quality.

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There are a number of new and emerging waste to energy technologies that produce refuse-derived fuel and energy from municipal solid waste. Our task is to recover valuable commodities out of the waste stream and prepare the residue for efficient conversion before entering the waste to energy system. The CP Group is at the forefront, providing solutions for efficient front-end separation systems for waste to energy facilities that meet even the most demanding performance objectives.

CP designs front-end separation process suited for various types of waste to energy facility, tailoring the front-end separation to meet your specifications. CP provides efficient separation technology that will increase the quality of the salvaged end-products, and will ensure that the materials sent into the waste to energy system are suited to your exact requirements. We provide all of the front-end separation equipment- metering equipment, density separators, separation screens, eddy currents, ferrous-removing magnets, optical sorters, trommels, conveyors, and balers. See all of our waste to energy equipment.


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The McMRF is our affordable small single stream sort system, designed to process and recover materials at about 10TPH for smaller communities.



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