Food Waste Recycling Food waste, any food substance that is raw or cooked, and then is discarded, has been a growing concern in the recycling and waste industry. With this also comes opportunity. According to EPA, food waste accounted for nearly 14% of all MSW generated in 2010 and is now recognized as the single largest component reaching the landfills. Food waste is often source separated; in this case we shred and remove packaging. The CP Group has the right equipment and solutions to turn this problem into an opportunity.

Food Waste Recovery and Recycling

We can offer a series of trommel screens with the right size specifications to separate food waste from a waste stream. We pair our trommel screens with other separation equipment such as magnetic separators if you are using anaerobic digestion or sending food waste to compost, which offers the benefits of resource recovery as well as creating an incredibly beneficial product from organic waste that would otherwise have been sent to landfill. Food waste needs to be separated early from any waste stream, whether it is at a municipal solid waste material recovery facility, composting site, or front-end waste to energy systems; see all of our recycling sorting equipment.


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