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The Best Recycling Programs in the US & Around The World (INFOGRAPHIC)



Our recycling infographic compares recycling rates in the US and around the world. With the growing concern of expendable resources, interest in recycling equipment is at an all-time high. Our infographic tells a great story of recycling, beginning with countries with the best recycling rates. Then  you can explore the top 10 greenest US & Canadian cities and other eye opening facts. For example, did you know that every ton of recycled paper can save the equivalent of 165 gallons of gasoline? If you’re a student interested in pursuing a  sustainable college experience, there is also a list of the 10 greenest colleges in the US. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Recycling Programs– An Infographic to the Best Recycling Programs Around The World

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Finished Installation on Commercial MRF in CA


CP Group Commercial MRFCP and IPS finish installation on commercial MRF in California… and it is making some great bales!



The CP Group travels to Atlanta


The CP Group travels to Atlanta, GA for the Plastics Recycling Conference this coming Monday-Wednesday, March 19-21. Our Optical Sorting division, MSS, will be there… Look for Felix!


The CP Group is traveling to the beautiful Destin


The CP Group is traveling to the beautiful Destin, FL for the Southeast Recycling Conference 3/11-14… we have a great team going, come say hi… booth #59 — at Destin, FL.


We are hard at work building new systems


We are hard at work building new systems (MRFs) to recover valuable materials to be recycled! We build all equipment in-house to ensure perfection. — at CP Manufacturing .


We had the pleasure of hanging out with this little guy


We had the pleasure of hanging out with this little guy, Chase, at Rainbow Environmental Services. Chase is a huge supporter of Rainbow and of RECYCLING! He is a fantastic role model… Go Chase!


The IPS Conquest


The IPS Conquest ™ is a high production multi-material processing baler with patented dual hinge-sides, allowing material to fall into the 72” wide charge box. The Conquest ™ has hydraulically-actuated wire tying capability which ensures simplicity, ease of adjustment, long component life.


Felix Hottenstein


Felix-HottensteinFelix Hottenstein, Sales Director at MSS, chatting with a customer about e-waste recycling at the International Electronics Recycling Conference in Salzburg, Austria


Advanced MRF


CP Group is proud to announce the acquisition of Advanced MRF! AMRF specializes in intelligent motor control systems, meaning our systems run greener and smarter… more energy efficient, more uptime, advanced troubleshooting, increased safety and productivity are just a few benefits! Welcome to the team AMRF!


The CP Group is traveling to Salzburg



The CP Group is traveling to Salzburg, Austria! MSS, a division of the CP Group, will have a booth at the International Electronics Recycling Conference, this week Jan. 19-20. Felix Hottenstein of the CP Group will be presenting on this topic: Optical Sorting in High Definition of WEEE…. Come and see what our expert has to say!


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The McMRF is our affordable small single stream sort system, designed to process and recover materials at about 10TPH for smaller communities.



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