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Felix Hottenstein


Felix-HottensteinFelix Hottenstein, Sales Director at MSS, chatting with a customer about e-waste recycling at the International Electronics Recycling Conference in Salzburg, Austria


Advanced MRF


CP Group is proud to announce the acquisition of Advanced MRF! AMRF specializes in intelligent motor control systems, meaning our systems run greener and smarter… more energy efficient, more uptime, advanced troubleshooting, increased safety and productivity are just a few benefits! Welcome to the team AMRF!


The CP Group is traveling to Salzburg



The CP Group is traveling to Salzburg, Austria! MSS, a division of the CP Group, will have a booth at the International Electronics Recycling Conference, this week Jan. 19-20. Felix Hottenstein of the CP Group will be presenting on this topic: Optical Sorting in High Definition of WEEE…. Come and see what our expert has to say!


CP Group finishes installation


CP Group finishes installation on a Single Stream Recycling facility in Georgia… ready for action! The IPS Baler is the new high efficiency line from IPS- Maximized production and minimized energy cost! Installation by Krause Manufacturing and IPS Balers of the CP Group


CP Group employees


Here are some of CP Group employees that donated to the orphanage we adopted for X-Mas… thank you to everyone who participated! It means so much to these kids who are in need


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