Siemens is a global technology leader with focus on industrial automation, drives technologies, totally integrated power, energy efficient solutions, and much more. This partnership combines the CP Group strengths with Siemens to offer the most technologically advanced solutions on the market, helping us provide greener, smarter, and more sustainable MRFs to meet customer demands in today’s marketplace.

What it means to our Customers:

  • Increased uptime
  • Increased automation
  • Increased energy-saving
  • Operating greener & smarter
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Increased productivity and throughput
  • Increased proactive troubleshooting capabilities
  • Increased synergies between manufacturing divisions
  • Seamless data-acquisition from belt scale to the bale scale





Wastech Engineering is an industry leader in concept design and waste handling equipment for the waste and recycling industry, specializing transfer station equipment. Instead of only servicing this part of the process Wastech recently identified a need in the Australian market to provide a total cost effective solution.

Wastech searched Australia and overseas for the best available separation and sorting technology to compliment its already successful systems. The result is a new and exciting partnership with the CP Group, widely considered to be one of the world leaders in separation technology.


Impact Air Systems


Impact Air Systems offer state-of-the-art solutions to support fully automated material recovery systems. Their systems use air to convey dust and dry materials such as foil, film, and fractions of paper and plastic that can otherwise be very costly and difficult to remove from the material streams. The CP Group and Impact Air Systems have an exclusive partnership in USA, Canada and Mexico.

What it means to our Customers:

  • More effective removal of low-value ‘light’ fractions
  • Improved manual sorting capabilities and effectiveness
  • Increased dust control
  • Increased product line
  • Reduced labor costs


Ken Mills Engineering Ltd

Ken Mills Engineering (KME) and CP formed CPME, a 50/50 owned European division that provides material recovery facilities and equipment solutions for material separation and recovery. CPME provides a UK based after sales support including parts and servicing to the European market.

What it means to our Customers:

  • CP Group has European office based out of UK
  • Sales, parts and service for our European market
  • Customer support for European market
  • Manufacturing facility in the UK

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The McMRF is our affordable small single stream sort system, designed to process and recover materials at about 10TPH for smaller communities.



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