Glass Breaker Screen

CP’s Glass Breaker Screen provides an industry-proven best way to simplify glass processing. Durable cast chromium elliptical discs provide maximum glass breakage while decreasing jams and downtime. Heavy-duty and low-maintenance, this multi-level screen is field-proven to break glass and separate broken glass and fines from fiber and containers at optimum efficiency without losing any aluminum.

Features & Benefits:
  • Non-wear discs minimizes losses of aluminum and PET to fines
  • Maximizes glass breakage without crushing
  • Cast chromium elliptical discs
  • Lowest maintenance costs in the industry
  • Increases glass capture rate
  • Minimizes contaminants in fiber, plastic, aluminum and steel end-products
  • Dramatically improves marketability of end-products
  • Heavy duty structural steel frame
  • CP Syncdrive™ uses carbon fiber timing belts drive rather than chains eliminating the need for oilers, tensioners or adjustments, while reducing wear, maintenance, and noise
CP Glass Breaker

CP Glass Cleaner

The new CP Glass Cleaner utilizes advanced automation technology and features a unique vacuum system that separates fiber and other light debris from glass with the best field-proven results in the industry. Whatever the size of your MRF, you will see an immediate return on your investment— in terms of lower residue and higher end-product marketability.

Features & Benefits:
  • Provides more efficient separation of light materials from glass
  • Processes up to 5TPH of broken glass
  • Eliminates light contaminates to maximize end product quality
  • Lowest maintenance costs in the industry
  • Utilizes a fully adjustable vacuum system for accurate and efficient separation
  • Variable speed drives
  • Urethane wear liners increases durability and extends equipment life
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The McMRF is our affordable small single stream sort system, designed to process and recover materials at about 10TPH for smaller communities.



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