Steel Recycling Equipment

Drum Magnet

CP offers a heavy duty drum magnet for high volume ferrous separation and recovery. It has a tough and rugged design that performs even under the harshest conditions. This large, powerful magnetic drum has a non-magnetic exterior shell that is driven around a fixed magnet center. Ferrous metals are drawn out of the material stream by the powerful magnetic center and held against the revolving shell; the steel is released when it reaches a discharge point beyond the magnetic field. The magnet placement is customizable and can be fed in any position; the drum can drop the ferrous material off over the drum, under the drum, or down from the drum if fed from the top.
Features & Benefits:

  • Heavy duty drum for high volume ferrous separation
  • Width and sizing options
  • Customizable feed placement
  • Very low operating costs
  • Low maintenance and no cooling oil required

Electro Magnetic Separator

CP offers an over-belt Electro Magnetic Separator that allows for quick and efficient separation and recovery of your ferrous material. Positioned over the stainless steel section in your conveyor, ferrous material is attracted to the electro-magnet above and adheres to the conveyor belt running at a cross-angle allowing for transfer to silo or storage container. Available in both electro and permanent magnet styles, these powerful, self-cleaning separators come equipped with a tough, vulcanized rubber belt with cleats to continuously remove steel from the stream. The magnet may be suspended either cross-belt (perpendicular to the product flow) or inline (parallel) above the product flow.
Features & Benefits:

  • Continuously removes ferrous materials
  • Self-cleaning belt reduces maintenance
  • Can be positioned either cross-belt or in-line
  • 10 gauge mild steel plate with stainless steel side plates
  • Self-Cleaning
  • 2 HP TEFC drive motor
  • 2.5″ rubber cleats

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