Transfer Station Recycling Transfer stations are waste handling sites for the temporary holding storage of waste being transported from local communities to the landfill. Usually, this is one of the last places waste accumulates before entering a landfill; there is an opportunity to recover recyclables one last time before they are land-filled.

Don’t Bury an Opportunity

There is a trend occurring that is here to stay- material recovery facilities at transfer stations. Some transfer station owners and operators are taking advantage of this opportunity, leveraging their assets to recover recyclables, which in the long run is a smart investment, provides longer landfill life,and is better for the environment.
CP is contributing to this trend by working with transfer stations to set up material recovery systems, whether it is a simple commingled sort line or a more complex automated system. We will analyze your material streams to find the best solution for your opportunity. Our recycling sorting equipment delivers high throughput of clean streams and minimizes maintenance.


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